About Me, By Me.


I am a computer scientist with a very strong interest in professional photography and a constant urge to improve myself and the world around me. After finishing my Master in Computer Science in Romania, I worked as an independent IT consultant for several years before returning to university. Since 2011 I am a doctor in Computer Science, with a PhD from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

My academic life exposed me to Computer Science, Economics, and Law. My professional life exposed me to project management, software development, and teaching. I am currently seeking to further extend my professional experience in teaching and photography, two things that I love.

About Me, By Others.

Dr David Y. Costa, of Robert Kennedy College

“ Radu has been vital to the development of the Robert Kennedy College - he is not only an incredibly skilled manager but an outstanding young leader with the capability to turn a mere project into reality. In terms of technological expertise his commitment to perfection makes him a unique asset to every team. Make no mistake: Radu is not a mere rock star programmer but a young leader capable to lead the whole team to new heights. Additionally, he is one of the few individuals I meet motivated not only by financial reasons but mostly by a vision for perfection. I can only highly recommend Radu for a managerial position. ”